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beautiful natural fragrance with no nasties

Ease the stress of modern life with a little help from our wellness range. Specially crafted proprietary blends using the purest essential oils to promote energy, motivation, balance and sleep. They smell absolutely dreamy and will fill your space with a wonderful natural aroma. No synthetic fragrances or nasty chemicals - just the power of plants! Diffuse when needed and enjoy!

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Our powerful blends of essential oils are designed to promote wellbeing in the areas we need it most. We know that everyone needs a little help with maintaining; balance, motivation, energy and sleep and that's why our proprietary blends focus on these core areas. 


Sustainably sourced for purity and quality, our essential oils are pure luxury. Ready to diffuse, sprinkle into a warm bath or blend with our carrier oils for use on the body.

A natural pick me up, kick start your day with our specially crafted ENERGY  essential oils blend harnessing the powers of PEPPERMINT and ROSEMARY essential oils to uplift and energise 

The saviour of all sluggish office workers, our MOTIVATION essential oil blend is designed to get your creative juices flowing with the help of SPEARMINT and GRAPEFRUIT essential oils

Regroup and take a breath with our BALANCE essential oil blend featuring the wonderfully zen YLANG YLANG and the ever so cool BERGAMOT essential oils

Drift into a blissful sleep and awake refreshed our with soothing SLEEP essential oil blend starring the dreamy FRANKINCENSE, LAVENDER and BERGAMOT essential oils

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