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What's in the box?

Depending on your Zen Plan you'll get 1, 2 or 3 new proprietary blends of essential oils every month. They are all 100% pure and natural and perfect for diffusers, bath time and use on the body (once diluted). You will always get a free gift worth at least £12. 

Can I reorder


Your box will be filled with new and exclusive blends each month. If you received something you love and you want it again, just email us and we'd be happy to arrange it (subject to stock availability etc).


We will deliver your Zen Box FREE anywhere in the UK - home or work it's up to you. Let's make everyone in the office jealous! We usually delivery the box around the 1st of each month. 

How long is the plan?

It's a monthly plan which means you'll get charged once a month for your box until you choose to cancel your plan or upgrade to a different box. Cancellation is easy and free, just email us at least 5 working days before your next payment is due. 

How do I cancel?

Simple, just send us an email and we will cancel the plan for you. You can cancel anytime during your plan. No fees or charges. Just let us know at least 5 working days before the next payment is due and we will cancel it for you. 

Why Zen Box?

Say yes to a monthly dose of relaxation. Save between £13 - £22 depending on the Zen plan. We donate to charity with every box sold! Unlock VIP website discount codes! Free UK delivery and you can cancel for free anytime! Need we say more? You'll love it!

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Zen Box Reviews

"The oils smell good enough to eat!! But best not to eat them".

— Carol, South London

"Worth every penny. The products smell amazing and have really helped me switch off and relax". 

— Jo, Essex

Charities We Support

There are so many wonderful charities to choose from.  We have chosen two that our very close to our heart...

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