Blissful Sleep Pack


The ultimate relaxation pack to help balance mind and body ready for a deep, blissful sleep. Awake refreshed and ready for the day ahead.


What's in the pack?


1 x 100ml Organic Almond & Jojoba Carrier Oil 

1 x 10ml Sleep Essential Oil Blend (powerful blend of essential oils including lavender and Italian Bergamot to quiet the mind ready for sleep)

1 x 10ml Balance Essential Oil Blend (specially crafted blend to promote inner calm including ylang ylang and bergamot)

1x 10ml Organic Balance Aromatherapy Roller (for on the go application)


The pack is worth £61!! Save £16.

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  • How to Use

    In the bath: Add 3-5 drops of the Balance or Sleep essential oils to a warm bath. Immerse for at least 10 minutes to allow to relaxing aromas to take effect.


    On the body: Add two drops of sleep essential oil to a teaspoon of organic carrier oil. Mix and massage into the soles of the feet and pulse points around the body.


    Diffuser: Add 3-8 drops of the Balance or Bleep essential oils to a diffuser next to your bed and inhale the relaxing aroma. 


    Once in bed, breathe in deeply through your nose for 4 seconds and out slowly through your mouth for 4 seconds. Repeat until you feel your body begin to slow and relax.

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